Kooperationen is the Danish Cooperative Employers’ Organisation with a network of 137 member companies and 14.000 employees.

As the apex organization for Danish co-operatives, we promote the co-operative alternative across many sectors of the economy. Established in 1922, Kooperationen provides professional legal advice and counselling within areas such as employment law, company law and construction law.

Our members represent a wide range of business fields such as the banking and industry sector to craftsman and construction businesses, conference centres and museums. Furthermore we offer high quality professional legal and governance advice and guidance to new co-operative start-ups as well as to established co-operatives.

As a cooperative employers’ organisation, we play an active role in the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and in Cooperatives Europe.

Led by our co-operative values and principles we aim to bring together all those with a passion and interest in co-operative action and we run our business solely for the benefit of our members. And that is precisely what makes us a bit different from other conventional employers’ organisations in Denmark.

Kooperationen provides a voice and forum for knowledge, expertise and co-ordinated action for and about cooperatives.

Kooperationen is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. There are excellent public transport links from the airport. Copenhagen Central Station is less than two minutes away.